6 Factors to Consider when Hiring a Car Detailer in Seattle

6 Factors to Consider when Hiring a Car Detailer in Seattle


Americans are increasingly appreciating that regular car detailing goes a long way in maintaining and extending the lifespan of their vehicles. Between 1994 and 2014, the number of drivers that frequently sought car detailers increased significantly, from 47% to 72%. Today, car detailing has become an important service that is sought by 97% Americans.

If you are like many Americans, maintaining the showroom look and feel of your car is a top priority. Perhaps the thousand dollar question is with the large number of car detailing shop in the US and new ones coming up every now and then, how can you distinguish professional detailers from mediocre ones?

This article discusses the six factors you should consider when hiring a professional detailer:

  1. Service Range

Car detailers work to maintain or restore the glow your car had when you first bought it. This means carrying out a series of activities that include cleaning the interior and exterior parts, engine cleaning, surface polishing, and applying finishing touches. 

Exterior auto detailing involves the use of products such as wax, polishes, degreasers and detergents to vacuum and restore the original glow of exterior parts of your car such as wheels, tires, body, windows and other parts.

Interior auto detailing involves the use of cleaning methods such as steam cleaning and vacuuming to give your car its original shine. Some of the key parts that are cleaned include leather, carbon fiber plastics, vinyl and all other interior parts of the car.

Most of these activities are done manually by hand.

When hiring a detailer, opt for the one that offers all of those services under one roof. Also, ensure the detailer has the necessary professional tools and products to prevent scorch marks or swirls. This will save you time and money.

2. Cost of Detailing

The pricing of auto-detailing services can be an indicator of the quality of work expected. A prospective detailer should be able to price his services realistically high, depending on the needs of your car.

Usually, a professional detailer will give you a comprehensive quote based on the work that needs to be done. Before finalizing the quote, he will undertake a physical assessment of the car from a well-lit space to determine whether it has unique problems.

Regular packages start from $50 all the way to $175 depending on what is included on the package.

If a detailer gives you a price quote that is surprisingly low, it could be a pointer to his inexperience, possible use of low-quality products, or insufficient time investment in the job – even for time-consuming processes like polishing.

3. Business Location and Customer Reviews

When hiring detailers, establishing whether the auto detailing company has a physical location is a must. Some detailers work from home garages while others are 100% mobile. In some instances, auto-detailers do not invest in the quality products and tools needed to do a professional job.

Before you engage a detailer, conduct a background check, ask about his experience, or request for samples of his work. This way, you will be able to gauge the quality of the services and determine whether to hire him or not.

4. Mobile Auto-Detailing Services

Mobile auto-detailing makes it easy for you to access the services you need, from high-end to basic detailing, as you focus on your work.

Detailers visit your premises with the necessary equipment and get the job done in your absence. This saves you time.

Most mobile auto-detailer are open to scheduling appointments on email, calls or texts.

5. Customer Feedback

Customer reviews provide useful insights into the quality of work you should expect from prospective detailers. Usually, you will find reviews on the web and social media pages they own.

Before you decide which detailing firm to hire, check what previous customers say about their services and pay attention to the customer ratings. You must choose a detailer whose reviews are reasonably balanced.

Consider keeping away from detailers who have five-star ratings on every review. Such ratings could mean they are new in the business, they pay for positive reviews or they delete negative reviews.

6. Service Guarantees

Service guarantees from detailers can make you feel at ease, but on the flip side, they can raise unrealistic expectations on what they will deliver.

In the detailing field, a detailer should conduct a car assessment before offering any guarantees. As such, be wary of detailers that guarantee perfect work even without assessing your car.

Professional detailers do their best to satisfy their customers, but they avoid making unrealistic commitments because the outcome of some detailing processes can simply not be guaranteed. For instance, surface scratches can be rectified, but it is not always guaranteed the fixture will work perfectly as this depends on the depth of the scratch.

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