Which Is Best for Your Car, Wax or Sealant? The Ultimate Review

Which Is Best for Your Car, Wax or Sealant? The Ultimate Review


When you get a new car, your first wish would be for it to look new and shiny forever. Unfortunately, the more you use a car, the paint inevitably fades.

Well, you can’t prevent the inevitable, but there are several things you can do to shift the timeline forward. For starters, covering the paint of your car with wax or sealant is one way to protect it from fading off. but what is the difference between Wax and Sealant?

Wax Vs. Sealant: Which One Should I Use for My Car?

Natural wax is produced by mixing a substance called carnauba (grows on trees) with turpentine. If you want your vehicle to maintain that deep showroom look, you may want to consider applying natural wax. It will protect the paint from contaminants and is more efficient for beading water than the other option (sealant).

However, if you go with wax, keep in mind that you will have to reapply the wax regularly, at least every two months. It’s not a one-time fix. If you don’t reapply, the protection it offers your paint will wear off along with the deep shine.

Paint sealant is also called synthetic wax in the auto detailing world. Unlike natural wax, it is made up of polymers. These polymers chemically bond with the paint on your car. One interesting thing with sealant is that it can protect your paint for up to 4 months after application, unlike natural wax. However, it highlights scratches on the surface of your unlike wax which hides them. Also, you may not get that deep auto room shine that you would get from natural wax.

Silicon-Based Sealants

 One modern development in auto-detailing is the invention of silica-based sealants. Mostly likely, you have heard about them going by names such as SiO2, Silicone-dioxide or even quartz. Silicone sealant is superior to both traditional sealants and wax. Besides restoring the original shine of the car, they provide a curative feature. They bond with the paint on the body of your car, making it super resistant to water, soaps and other harsh environmental aspects.

So, Which Should You Use for Your Car?

The type of protection you should use depends on several factors. The key factor is the colour of your car. If your car is dark, the ideal option will be the natural wax. It will enhance the color, maintain the shine as well as hide scratches. If you want something that will last longer, you should go for the paint sealant. It’s perhaps mention worthy that one application of paint sealant would last you for up to four months.

You can either use wax, sealant or use wax and sealant. By mixing both, you would enjoy the deep shine and scratch-covering  benefit of natural wax along with the durability benefit of sealant. There is no rule that says you must substitute one for the other.

Don’t Forget to Polish

Polishing your car is important if you want to get the best result. Polish it before you apply either the wax or sealant. The polishing process will get rid of all the imperfections on the paint before you apply the wax or sealant. The point waxing is to protect your car from imperfections, so it makes sense to polish off the existing imperfections before you proceed.


There you have it. Wax and paint sealant are both meant to protect the surface of your car. Repainting your car every time it gets scratched is going to cost you a lot of moneys o, it’s better to take preventive measures by protecting your car surface with wax or sealants.

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