Is Your Dirty Vehicle Putting You And Your Family In Danger?

Studies show more than half of all auto accidents occur during the nighttime due to low visibility. Fogged up headlights and a dirty windshield are a severe safety risk. Is your family safe? Protect your family with Steam Seattle. Using the latest in cleaning technology coupled with the unrivaled strength and purity of steam, we quickly and effectively remove any dirt, stains, grease, and odors—so you can rest easy knowing you and your loved ones are safe.

Why Choose Steam Seattle, You Ask?

1) Improve Auto Safety

If you’re not getting your auto professionally detailed, you’re at risk. With Steam Seattle, we eliminate this risk for good. From improving your visibility of the road to giving you cleaner air to breathe—keeping you and your family safe on the road is why we do this.

2) Revolutionary Cleaning Technology

There’s a lot of auto detailing services available, but we do things a little differently. Instead of detailing your auto the regular and ineffective way, we use eco-steam technology which leaves your auto looking like it just came out of the factory.

3) We Come To You

Say goodbye to long waits and wasted afternoons spent taking your auto out for a cleaning. With Steam Seattle, you not only receive the best of the best (we’re the leading mobile auto detailing service)—but we also come to you! Simply pick a time and place and our steam specialists will meet you whenever you need us (it doesn’t get any more personalized than that—now does it?).

Our Proprietary Solution: Eco-Steam Technology

“The New Way To Get A Superior Clean While Saving The Environment…“

Steam Cleaning is an eco-friendly method of auto washing that effectively sterilizes your auto using LESS than 1 GALLON of water! That’s 50x less water than your typical car wash. Plus it provides a superior clean. Just take a look yourself:

Our customers love us

John and Connor did an AMAZING job reviving my car. I was in a disastrous position due to a horrible car-sharing experience – my car was trashed. Cigarette butts were smoked and put out inside my vehicle and unknown stains covered my car. A deodorizer treatment was done, for an additional charge, but it was totally worth it. My car came out looking brand new and smelling smoke free.
07:47 07 Mar 21
Thank you so much!!! For getting me into the best truck. Your team did the best and got me into the suv I really wanted. They even stayed late and made it happen ON A SUNDAY NIGHT!!! Amazing!!! Will be back in the future.
Pauline M.
10:12 25 Feb 21
My wife says this is the cleanest my car has ever been. They just cleaned out 8 years worth of accumulated grime, everything my kid has thrown at it, and my own inept attempts at cleaning up carsick with off-the-shelf products. Pricing was up-front, scheduling was easy, they came to me and got the work done while I worked from home. I will absolutely be using their services again.
Sean B.
22:33 30 Nov 20
Excellent work – I had my interior cleaned. It’s so clean I think I could eat food off of it.
Kevin L
22:53 31 Oct 20
So easy to setup an appointment. They had a tough dog hair job to do and the car looked brand new when they were finished. No dog hair in sight. Well worth it. I’ll be rebooking them when its time to do it again in the spring.The mobile service was great. I didn’t have to travel or arrange for a Lyft. They did it right in my driveway while I was working from home.They were COVID aware and responsible in using masks and social distancing in our interactions with them.
Kelley W.
22:40 30 Oct 20
Top quality! I would suggest this place for anyone who is looking for quality service and excellent customer service! I am very impressed! I had my 2017 Juke detailed and and I am very pleased with the job they did! Thank you!!
Salome A.
21:52 28 Oct 20
Great work, good folks, reasonable prices!
Troy L.
18:42 28 Oct 20
Got the interior cleaned and it’s so much cleaner than I expected, it’s great! And they worked with me to get the timing done. And they come to you which is so convenient. Would definitely recommend & am gonna use them again for any future times i need!
Evy E
01:33 08 Oct 20
I received an excellent interior detail service today from Steam Seattle. Wayne and Kamar were on time and so kind and courteous! The did a tremendous job at cleaning my car, they managed to get rid of the musty smell that was bothering me since I bought it. Thank you Quentin for setting things up and handling everything so smoothly, I really appreciate it.
Maria F.
23:43 28 Sep 20
Super great service. I booked same day for an interior detail and they called to say they could show up early. Did a fantastic job and my car looks good as new!
Rachel S.
19:45 28 Sep 20
John and his team were organized, knowledgeable and confident in the work that they could execute. In a day where I was in back to back meetings, they made it easy to schedule and even easier by coming to my house to clean up my car. They made a stressful situation disappear and left me very impressed with their service. My neighbor asked me for their info by just seeing them do work on my car. 5 stars all around.
Jose Pablo L.
20:55 22 Sep 20
It was super easy to schedule online. I love that they drove out to me for the detail. That was a huge time savings for me. The workers were very professional and polite. They did a great job cleaning!
Chester G.
17:58 16 Sep 20
Had the best experience with Steam Seattle. I had a severe stain in the carpeting and on one of the seats that they were able to get out completely and then some, my car looks brand new after a full interior detail. I’ll be booking another appointment in the near future for an exterior detail to work out a few scratches. Can’t recommend this company enough! So convenient that they come to you as well.
Diane L.
04:02 11 Sep 20
Friendly and professional. They arrived on time, finished early, and left my car looking brand new.
Liam N.
01:53 10 Sep 20
Top quality service. I’m so impressed with their kindness and willingness to help with all my concerns. They helped me get a stain out of my car seat, and did a full detail on my partner’s car. It looking sparkling clean now and we didn’t have to lift a finger – or even drive anywhere because they came to us! I’m so grateful to know this company exists. I’ll be calling again soon to discuss dent and scratch removal on my car.
Bridgett Kay W.
17:11 03 Sep 20
Man, such a breath of fresh air – quite literally.My car had developed a mild mildew scent from some water that leaked. John got it out and made the entire car smell brand-new. He was incredibly professional, kind and thorough. Having a traveling detailing come to you during the pandemic is extremely helpful and feels… idk safe. Thank you for all of your hard work Steam Seattle!
Angeleigh G.
16:24 03 Sep 20
I have two dogs and a toddler and had struggled to keep up with cleaning my car, so my car was in rough shape. I had never had had a detailing done before, so I wasn’t sure how clean they could get it. The team was friendly and professional immediately making me sure I was in good hands. Now my car looks and smells great. I will use them the next time I need a detail!
Eli H.
04:05 30 Jul 20
They went above and beyond, as we asked them to clean up/decontaminate a sourdough starter spill in our trunk!Hopefully we don’t have another incident like this one, but I highly recommend Steam Seattle for anyone looking to get their car detailed. The entire interaction was very professional. We went over the problem areas of the car together, and they communicated their plan of attack and set expectations for how we can keep our car clean going forwards.Also as a note: they followed King County guidelines and wore masks during all interactions, maintained social distancing while interacting, and cleaned up everything when finished.
David I.
20:38 01 Jul 20
Got an appointment the next day. Loved that they could come to me and so I could multi-task and continue doing things in my house while my car was being cleaned. The car was spic and span, and I loved that the areas I specified were the most important to me were done how I wanted. Thanks!
Alexis R
23:45 30 Jun 20
My car is so clean! Very professional, quick and thorough! Highly recommend.
Lyndsey G.
20:35 30 Jun 20
Quick service, excellent customer service, friendly, quality work, on time! Definitely using them again!
Raphael P.
18:24 30 Jun 20
An absolutely amazing service with amazing people who care about what they do. I would give 6 stars if I could.
Andrew M.
21:02 29 Jun 20
Amazing job! Very professional. Will call again, thanks!
K G.
18:37 06 Jun 20
Amazing! Came to my house and made my car look like new!!! Can’t recommend enough.
Brooke F.
18:23 05 Jun 20
Awesome service!! Great guys working efficiently and did a great job. Highly recommend!
Bryan J.
21:56 04 Jun 20
These guys were on time – did it in less time than they said they would & really made the Jeep shine like new I will go to them again !!
Mike W.
00:25 28 May 20
This service exceeded my expectations. my Sienna van went in looking shabby and came out sparkling clean. The seats literally changed color. Don’t think twice about getting your car detailed by Steam Seattle.
Beth F.
13:55 27 May 20
They came early and finished faster than the estimated and really cleaned the truck super good. Engine bay looks great and the interior looks so much better than it was before. Would 100% recommend.
CyberThanh X
22:26 23 May 20
John did an amazing job on my Q5 and even made some scratches disappear. Would definitely use them again!
Owen S.
20:15 23 May 20
These guys were awesome and efficient! Loving the clean car look! Thanks!
Katelynn P.
22:51 18 May 20
My car was very dirty and they came while the virus was around. Very good job!!
Bailey C.
22:17 14 May 20
I’m absolutely delighted with the way my car turned out. It was a hot mess, a true “disaster detail,” and the Steam Seattle guys got it shiny and clean. The detailing job took a little over two hours in spite of the mess, and while they couldn’t take care of the tree sap on my hood with the equipment they brought with them in their mobile cleaning van, I’m very impressed and very happy with my how my car turned out. And a mobile detailing service? If I’d known it would be this easy to get my car detailed, I would have done it years ago! I’ll definitely hire these guys again the next time I need my car detailed.
JaneA K.
03:17 14 May 20
Wow. My car looked like a barn find. Now it looks like a garage Queen. They put a ceramic coating on it and it looks as good or better than the day I got it. The two gentlemen were polite and were great on the phone. It was great that they are open during quarantine. I just put the car at the bottom of the driveway and they came and took care of it all.
Jamie B.
00:00 12 May 20
First time using but the car looks like new. Crew showed up and spent over two hours making sure the car looked great.
James M.
18:40 11 May 20
They did a great job with the inside and exterior detailing! John was very communicative and was able to get most of the pet hair out.
Cayla C.
21:55 05 May 20
Did an awesome job getting rid of one-year of buildup. Worked efficiently and were very professional. Would highly recommend.
Eric L.
18:48 05 May 20
Did a fantastic job! Car looks new again!!
Ann J.
21:57 01 May 20
Great work detailing me car. Spotless. Was on time. Would highly recommend.
Carl M.
17:27 01 May 20
John fit us into his schedule quickly! Our Honda Civic is typically parked under several big cedar trees and as a result had debris in every nook and cranny. The debris had also backed up the vents for the sunroof so the interior was wet and in need of serious cleaning. John left it sparkling clean, inside and out. Seriously, it looked like a totally different car. Two thumbs up, 5 stars.
Ann L.
23:28 30 Apr 20
John was great! Super happy with the interior detail. Quick and painless.
Bria B.
18:30 29 Apr 20
Great service! They were punctual, convenient, accommodating, and the service was fantastic. Highly recommend!
Cale R.
22:09 27 Apr 20
Fabulous! The quality of the clean was top notch. John and Wayne showed up right on time and performed their cleaning magic. It’s convenient (they parked right outside my door), they don’t need any water and left no trace of mess when they left, they were extremely friendly and answered all my questions before they started the work, the cleaning job was excellent, and they arrived on time, and finished when they said they would. Also, important in these Covid19 times, they wore protective wear, respected social distancing, cleaned their pens, and made me feel very safe in terms of Covid concerns. Highly recommend their service!
Olivia P.
15:41 19 Apr 20
John and Wayne are amazing – they arrived on time and my car looks brand new! Highly recommend!
Katrina M.
23:21 16 Mar 20
Great guys and they got some terrible stains out of the car seats
S F.
20:57 10 Mar 20
John is a joy to work with. His crew is professional, punctual, and do an impeccable job. I’ve had my car detailed both interior and exterior by them multiple times. As someone who works out of her car, it’s nice to not have to worry about keeping it clean and professional in appearance.
Lana G.
00:55 01 Mar 20
Steam Seattle did an amazing job detailing the interior of my car! It’s like new! Would definitely recommend the team at Seattle Steam and I’ll work with them again.
Steve S
22:20 28 Feb 20
Had my car detailed while at Southcenter Mall, these guys are amazing, fast and efficient, I highly recommend!
Aubrie F.
20:04 01 Dec 19
These guys do great work. Showed up on time and worked a little over the scheduled time just to be sure my car was perfect. Bought my car 3 years ago and it looks as new as it did then. Super easy to book an appointment. Will have them back to do my other car. Highly recommend!
Travis P.
21:32 18 May 19
Did really great job,really professional
Assah T.
22:25 02 Mar 19
the best in the business!
Aron U.
20:18 08 Sep 18
These guys did a great job removing a drink spill from my passenger seat. My car looks brand new again. Thank you!
Steevie S.
21:58 30 Mar 18

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