Boat Detailing


Using eco safe materials along with heated steam cleaning, we effectively and efficiently clean your boat.
With our boat detailing service, your boat will be looking as good as new. That’s a promise.
At Steam Seattle, we ensure that your investment remains protected as well as free from common health hazards, such as mold, bacteria and mildew.

Boat Cleaning Services Requires Experience

Your boat is a significant investment, so making sure it gets proper care is essential.
When we professionally clean your boat, we take care of it not only from the visual standpoint, the sanitation standards are also maintained thoroughly .
When your boat is kept in storage during the winter months health hazards, such as bacteria and mold, can grow on it.
With the exposure of the sun, these hazards can thrive and grow, damaging the interior of your boat as well as posing a serious health risk.
The Steam Seattle team has years of experience in boat cleaning services.
We use closely-guarded detailing secrets backed by our years of experience to make sure your boat gets cleaned thoroughly.
When you commission the job to use, you don’t have to think about cleaning up the mess afterward.

Boat Detailing Services Features:

We take pride for being the best boat cleaning service in and around Seattle.
Our primary boat cleaning services include:

  • Full boat detailing
  • Boat interior cleaning
  • Boat exterior cleaning
  • Full boat Gelcoat correction
  • Above rub rail correction
  • Below rub rail correction

We are knowledgeable about how to clean a fiberglass watercraft, so we can offer you tips and procedures about what you can do to keep your boat looking its best months later we finished cleaning it.

Why Should You Choose Steam Seattle?

If your boats upkeep is maintained thoroughly you are not only getting to use it for years together but you are also maintaining its value.

Here are some of the benefits of professional boat cleaning:

Stain removal – We can remove stains from your boat’s interior, leaving it looking its best.

Leave your paint with a shine – It keeps your boat’s paint looking new and last longer.

Removes any attached marine life – such as barnacles – If these don’t get removed over time, it can lead to damage and discoloration.

Helps keep your boat in tip-top shape – It makes your investment remain protected, given the watercraft maintains its value longer because of periodic detailing.

Helps save you the time and hassle of doing it yourself – You don’t have to spend your time and efforts on cleaning your boat, buying supplies, and cleaning up the mess all by yourself.

Eliminates health risks – It helps get rid of bacteria, mold, and multi-cellular health hazards.
When it comes to boat cleaning services, we have you covered.

We have years of experience in the boat cleaning business, so you don’t have to worry about finding kits, supplies, or hacks to take care of the job.
We offer fast, friendly, professional services at affordable prices.
Our customers are the reason we are in business. And they keep coming back to us.
At the end of the day who on earth can ignore a service that offers value for every dollar spent?



Deep cleaning of all surfaces in boat area.
Prices are $155 an hour per 2 persons/ min.
4 hours booked.
4 hours $620